From Boy to Man

By: Christopher M. “Chris” Neilson

(Chris stayed several years in the mid to late 1960’s)

I came to Camp Dixie as a boy,
where I learned the outdoors was a joy!
At first I was homesick and wanted to cry,
but wanted to stay when it was time for goodbye.

In Lapidary I learned to turn stone into a ring.
I even learned to like to sing!
I portaged canoes down many a big dam,
and that’s when I started to become a man!

In crafts I turned wood into a drum,
I even learned to like to hum!
I even rode horses into the woods,
Where showering in waterfalls felt really good!

I picked fresh berries and made pancakes,
And skied and swam in many lakes!
In canoes, I learned to row.
I also learned to shoot a bow!

I helped bail hay in the fields.
I enjoyed many great meals!
I even learned to shoot a rifle.
I really had an early life full!

We assembled at dawn on the tennis courts,
And played all kinds of sports!
I learned to ski on Lake Rabun,
Where I learned to make a campfire burn!

After dusk there was always taps.
At dawn Reveille!
Sometimes we went
Square Dancing in Mountain City!

The Moss Lady stories would
shiver my timbers!
And all of the exercise made
me quite limber!

Time has a way of slipping by,
All I can say is “My Oh My”!
I don’t think I would be who I am today,
If it wasn’t for my many a stay!

I could go on and on but there’s not enough space,
Suffice it to say I love this place!
There’s so much to say and not enough time.
But I must say my dear Camp Dixie…is really sublime!!!